Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Weekend Away - part 2

This is a view of Veramar Vineyards from their terrace area.  Look at those gorgeous rolling mountains.  Honestly, the mountains made me feel a little seasick.  I'm such a flatlander.  But I truly appreciated the beauty.  Once again, if you have the opportunity to visit a vineyard and haven't done so before, do it!  It really was a great experience.
This may very well be my favorite picture so far of our little excursion. 
The giant's out walking the grounds at
Veramar, taking pictures, with Isabella in tow.
This is just one view of that huge Rock Harbor Golf Course.
And the driving range where I hit a bucket of balls.    
And finally a few snaps of Isabella cruising in the car.
Are we there yet?

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