Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Easy Quilt Pattern

I was asked today if I sewed quilts.  Why, yes, yes I do.  Though with all of the other crafts and projects that I enjoy doing and sharing, quilting takes up way to much time to be anything other than a labor of love.  Of course I feel that way about every blanket I crochet, but quilting really is a time eater.  I just don't have enough hours in the day to finish everything I want or need to get done. 

However, if you have the time, and inclination, the following pattern will get you started and make you happy.  It's perfect for beginners.

Big Block Quilt
Completed Size is 50 inches by 65 inches

1 Fat Quarter* each of 8 novelty prints in your choice of colors
2 Yards of fabric for sashing, borders and binding
Twin sized batting (yes this is sold in a fabric store, ask the lady behind the cutting table for assistance)
3 Yards of lining fabric

* A Fat Quarter is a term a quilter will hear a lot in her (or his) lifetime.  I'll update (Here) and try to give everyone a better understanding.

Cutting Directions:
From each of the 8 novelty print Fat Quarters, you will need to cut 2 (Two) 10.5 inch squares.
From the remainder of the 8 novelty print Fat Quarters, pick one and cut 4 (Four) 5.5 inch squares (for the corners)
From the sashing/border/binding fabric, cut 8 (Eight) 5.5 inches x Width of Fabric (WOF).  Subcut 5 (Five) of theres strips into 5.5 inch x 40.5 inch strips (top and bottom border).  Then cut 8 (Eight) 2.25 inch strips for binding. 


Join the blocks as illustrated above into 4 (Four) rows of 4 (Four) squares.  Join rows with the 5.5 inch x 40.5 inch strips.  Add the top and bottom borders with the remaining strips.  Piece the remaining 3 border strips end to end, and subcut into 5.5 inch x 55.5 inch pieces.  Add the corner squares to the ends of these to strips.  Now sew your pieces all together.  Once that is done, place your batting on the backside, attach your lining, and sew all together.  You now have made a quilt!

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