Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Fourth Wrap Up

I hope everybody had a fabulous Fourth of July weekend, with great food, surrounded by friends and family and of course explosive fireworks.  Most of all, I hope you all remembered that our freedom was not "free" and to never take it for granted. 

I was lucky enough to have enough holiday activities to keep me busy that I hardly had time to put my hook in my hand!  Of course I didn't do much but have fun.

The giant, friends and I went to St. Mary's College River Concert on Friday, to hear the USMC President's Own Band play for us and watch the fireworks.  You can find out more about this event here.  If you are in the area, it's well worth the visit.  Pack yourself a cooler with some snacks and drinks, bring a chair or blanket, and just sit back and relax. 

The giant also set-up a tent and assisted with a booth for the future State Senator for our Maryland district, Steve Waugh.  He and his wife are such great people. I scored a pretty cool shirt (even if it was a tad bit big, it gives me some wiggle room).  LOL  The giant scored his awesome Waugh 2010 hat. 

On Saturday the giant and I went up the road for dinner and movie.  If I type to much about it, I'll give away  the plot.  But suffice to say, it was nice to squeeze in some time for us.  It had been a while.  The last movie we went to see in a real movie theater was Transformers in 2007!  Actually the 4th of July is the our unofficial anniversary.  :o)

Then Sunday was another event driven day.  We were able to eat our fill, listen to some great music and watch fireworks over the river coming from Solomon's Island.  An absolutely wonderful time.

But Monday was the best day of all.  We visited my sister-in-law, her family and her in-laws.   There was tons of food and some pretty fabulous people who made the giant and I feel right at home.  I want to be adopted into that family.  I guess in a way I was.  :o)  I have some handsome nephews and a beautiful niece.  Unfortunately, I can't claim credit for any of that.  I wish they all lived closer so I could make them go to the kids movies with me, even the college bound one!  I know he'd have fun too with his crazy aunt.  Each one of these kids has the most gorgeous smile.  And geniuses, each and every one.  I'm in no way prejudiced about this. Look at these smiles on the Future MIT Grad and the Dancing Queen!

Then I had an absolute thrill, an absolute awe inspiring moment.  My nephew, the Mini-Giant, came up to me and asked me to show him how to crochet.  It that not the most awesome thing ever?!  I say it is. 
 My father knew how to crochet, as did a few other gentlemen of his generation and older, but not many men seem to know how to anymore.  Of course, not many women seem to know how to either.  I fear it's a dying art.

So we sat down and started a granny square, and wow, did it explode from there.  He crocheted himself a granny square/hat/monster blanket/slingshot (depending on what he wanted to call it at that moment).  Then he crocheted a "monster" complete with arms and legs!  Next he began crocheting friendship bracelets, one of which he gave to his Grandpa.  His Grandpa let him know that he learned to crochet at the same age.  Everybody, this was a big "awwww" moment and made me all teary eyed.  :o)

I hope he keeps it up.  I gave him some yarn and a hook as a parting gift.  But even if he doesn't, I hope he always remembers this moment.  Now excuse me, I have to go wipe my eyes.