Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Newest Addition to the Family

We've added a beautiful little boy Papillon to our household.  After much discussion we decided we would name him after a scientist/inventor.  Once we ran through our list and kicking some name out due to pronounciation issues (such as Ferdinand Verbiest), we chose a new name for him, Nikola Tesla.

Isabella at first was not overjoyed to say the least.  She's a spoiled rotten diva who did not want to share her toys, treats, laps, snuggles or anything.  Not to mention she is a creature of routine.  Like the giant she is not a morning person, while Tesla is raring to go at the first sign of wakefulness.  However, they've worked it all out and play together and bark together.  It's a joy to watch two Papillons slapping at each other.  I'm going to start video recording it. 
Nikola Tesla on the desk

Nikola Tesla hard at work on his bone
Yesterday was Tesla's big day at the vet's.  Due to scheduling conflicts and the time of his appointment, he had to go to work with me.  My plan was for him to spend a few hours in his kennel under my desk until it was time to leave.  That didn't work out as planned.  So I tried sitting him in my lap while I worked.  He didn't want to do that either.  He decided he wanted to be on my desk and under my arm.  It was hours of entertainment trying to keep him from typing on the keyboard or eating my computer mouse.  Not to mention that he throughly licked my computer monitor and desk.  Joy. 

He had a good vet apointment and handled his shots like a trooper.  He weighs in at 6.2 lbs and that's exactly one pound more than Isabella...and he's still growing.  The vet said he can't wait to see him once all his ear fringe comes in. 
Nikola Tesla all worn out after a hard day at work
Even though the potty training and good manners training is exhausting, I can't help but think we made an excellent decision to bring him into our home.  He's a definite love bug and even Isabella (when she isn't trying to sleep) agrees.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Third Annual Dog-Gone Tiki Bar

Two Crafty Women will be joining forces with Frannie's Grannies to run a booth at the Third Annual Dog-Gone Tiki Bar Family Pet Day in Solomons Island, MD on Sunday, Ocotober 16 from 12pm to 5pm.

As well as other vendors selling their wares, there will be ton of activities available to aprticipate in.  Just a few include:
The band No Green Jelly Beenz will be playing throughout the day. 

"Ask the Vet" session will be held between 1pm-2pm. 

A $25 microchipping will be offered between 2pm-4pm.

An auction to benefit The Well Pet Clinic of Calvert County will be held at 2:30pm.

A Pet and Owner look alike contest will be held at 3pm. 

Best tricks contest will be held at 3:20pm

Happies Dog (most wags per minute) contest will be held at 3:40pm

Best pet costume contest will be held at 4pm. 

We hope to see you there.  I plan to bring Isabella and the newest addition to our household, Tesla. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Wil Wheaton

Yep, I've not blogged in forever and I have an overwhelming desire to blog about Wil Wheaton.  Go figure.

If you do not know who Wil Wheaton is, you can go ahead and stop reading. 

I've always hated Wil Wheaton.  It's the nerd in me.  Either you are pro-Wil Wheaton or not in my little nerd world. I was anti-Wil.  Years later, he pops up on my newest favorite show, Big Bang Theory and once again, he is so easy to hate.  He gets the major dislike button. 

So now, imagine my surprise, and my angst, that I discover that Wil Wheaton is not a bad guy.  He's genuinely nice.  He's really smart.  He's amazingly insightful.  He sticks up for what he believes in.  He is a great writer.  He is an animal lover.  He brews his own beer.  :o/

Could I possibly have been wrong all this time about Wil Wheaton?  The answer is yes (and no).  I hate all the characters he takes on.  However, that's the point isn't it?  He's a great actor if I hate his characters and then discover he, as a person, is an all around pretty good guy.  So I've changed my mind Wil.  I like you and find you quite impressive.  This time, I admit, I was wrong.  My apologies for loving to hate you. 

If you want to know more about Wil, read his blog, start following him on twitter, or check out his book, Just a Geek.