Monday, June 21, 2010

Hooks & Needles

I fell down out the back door and hit the patio furniture on Sunday.  What a sad way to spend my Sunday, flat on my back on the heating pad.  The giant went up the road to spend some time with the family and came home with presents for me.  Seriously, fabulous presents, which I must thank my mother-in-law for.  So when he walks in the door, and gently gives me a kiss, helps me sit up and hands these over:

Do you know what I see?  Knit needle storage and crochet hook storage cases.  It was with a sense of joy that I opened these goodie bags.

Check out all these crochet hooks.  Although some are hooks I already had, some are absolute classics, and all are cherished heirlooms as they came from the giant's grandmother and great aunt.
Look as these wisp metal hooks that look hand forged.  Tiny little hooks for crocheting lace thread.
And these hooks are remarkable.  Look it the little scroll work knobs. I'm not sure, but these feel like ivory hooks.  One has snapped at the top but it's still beautiful.  I think I'm going to frame them in a shadow box. 

And here's some metal hooks with detailed scroll work as well.  Unfortunately they are very rusty, but I think I can get the rust off and then will add them to my framed hooks.
This one is an absolute classic crochet hook.  Complete with an ivory handle, scroll work and a hook cover.  I feel as if I have been blessed with a gift from history.  I adore each hook, for the history they contain.  Think of all the things these precious hooks have made.  What useful and beautiful tools.

And then I opened the needle bag.  Wow.  Tons of needles in a wide range of sizes, including circulars and some that had never even been opened.  I now have no excuse to buy any more knitting needles!
Look at these needles that have never been opened, still in their original case and priced at 65 cents!  Nothing costs 65 cents anymore!!!There were several unopened containers of needles.
Did you see these old wooden needles hiding in the bag?  I've always wanted to try wooden ones, but they've been too pricey for me.  Now I can hardly wait to plan my next knitting project.

What a privilege and an honor to own this bit of crafting history. I can't wait until I can sit up a little better and can begin crafting new treasures with these treasures!


Jaimie said...

I am so glad someone in the family will appreciate and use them. I have never gotten into crochet (or knitting, can't even tell them apart - gasp!) Can't wait to see what you make with them.

Lori said...

That is fantastic! Not only to think of the things created with the tools, but the hands that held them as well.

Your mother-in-law deserves a *special* hug when next you see her! :)

Dianna said...

WOW! I'm so delighted that you treasure these hooks and needles and that you took pictures and posted them to your does my heart good to know that you appreciate them and will now in turn create many lovely things Sorry I missed you on Sunday...hope you are feeling ya

Anonymous said...

WOW! You hit the jackpot! I got a bunch of my mom's crochet hooks too. I don't know who I am going to pass down my stuff to. :(