Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Two Loves

I love to bead.  I love to crochet.  What could possibly be better than combining my two loves?  Not much, honestly.  After experimenting with different gauges of wire, I've discovered 28 gauge is pretty much the best, along with a metal crochet hook.  Of course, if you try this, do not use a much loved crochet hook.  It will wind up getting scratched, and won't make a smooth tranistion back to yarn.  So, you have your crochet hook, your beading supplies, what do you do?  Bead your wire.  Place all your beads on the wire first.  Since this is a bracelet, once I had roughly 7 inches worth of beads on the wire, I then placed a toggle ring on the wire.  I then placed a lobsterclasp on the wire, and placed it in the center of my slip knot for my crochet hook.  I then chained until I had 7 inches of loops. I slid the toggle ring up and chained once more with the ring being in the center of the loop.  I then turned the piece.  Then I chained one, and then single chained into each one of the the loops, sliding a bead up onto the wire to be clasped within the loop.  To finish I wraped the wire around the end and used my wire pliers to ensure it was secured tight.  I have plans to do much more with combining my two loves into some fabulous crafty projects and accessories.  I love the look of the crochet loops in the wire. 

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