Friday, May 28, 2010

Another Crafty Day

So it's a beautiful day at the crafty house...Isabella is grooming the giant, the giant's drinking coffee, and me, well, I'm running around like a chicken with her head cut off.  Why you may ask, the answer is simple, we are going on the road to visit Winchester, VA.  So that means packing - for me, Isabella (yes she gets to travel too) and for all the crafts I want to take and work on.  And that last item is why I find myself sitting down blogging instead of my whirlwind of activity.  What all am I going to pack?  You may think packing a suitcase is tough, but packing up craft projects is so much harder.  Do I have all the tools, implements, items I need?  Ah I really hope so. 

Oh I just remembered I need to pack a camera...TTYL.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Isabella the Fashion Plate

This is only because I think Isabella is adorable, and I just know you all will think so too.  And no, my little girl does not resemble a rat.  And no, she is not a Chihuahua.  She is a beautiful Papillon, aka the Butterfly Dog.  Wiki Facts on Papillons

Isabella decked out for a sunny day in her cool sunglasses and Lil' Devil Racing Harness.

Isabella has her goggles on.  This is for when she rides in the special trailer attachment on the giant's BMW motorcycle.  Her goggles match the motorcycle!
Isabella in her winter harness, complete with a fur lined collar.

Isabella in her matching pink outfit helping out in the kitchen. 
And finally, just to show we can't always look good, and even the most beautiful can have a bad hair day!

Project on the Hook

So, I have a project on the hook right now.  It's part of my destash the yarn project list.  It started out to be a baby blanket, but then I decided I wanted to make it into a lapghan (for someone who sits in a wheelchair). I believe I have *just* enough yarn to finish it off.  I had originally bought this boucle yarn to use specifically for myself (isn't that how it always goes), but everytime I started a project, I didn't like it and ripped it out, started a new one, didn't like it and ripped it out.  The only problem with that is boucle is not a very forgiving kind of yarn, so I wasted some yardage.  :o(  

What I really want to do is to get started on some of my other yarn projects that I have the yarn just sitting there waiting on me...calling my name ever so gently.  I have plans to make a grey mohair shawl.  Oh I can hardly wait, I'm so excited. 

I also picked up some gorgeous yarn that is screaming little girl blanket.  I'm trying to decide in my mind what kind of pattern I want to use for it, because I have the multi color, a pink and cream and I really would love for it too be some little lady's beloved "blankie".

But then that doesn't even begin to decribe some of the other projects I want to begin as well.  I picked up some gorgeous fabric to make dog harnesses.  I know my little Isabella needs (not really, she has more than enough) a new one. Not to mention the fabulous new beads I've discovered that are patiently waiting on me to give them some design and wire. 

Oh how I wish there was more hours in the day.  :o)  Until then Happy Hooking Everybody!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Number One Thing

The first thing you really need to know, before you ever lay hook to yarn, is what size of a project are you making.  Okay, yes, you probably need to know what you are making, have a pattern in mind...but sometimes, sometimes, you have the yarn on hand cause you found it on sale, or in your stash, and just know, deep inside yourself, that you want to make "SOMETHING".  That's where measurements can come in pretty handy. 

Here's my collection of measurements to help you out with planning your next project:

Aghan / Blanket Sizes in Inches
      • Preemie Afghan / Pet Blanket 15 to 24 inches square
      • Isolette (Hospital) Aghan / Large Pet Blanket 36 inches square
      • Bassinet Afghan 16"x36"
      • Cradle Afghan 20"x36"
      • Crib Afghan 30"x54"
      • Toddler Afghan / Lapghan (Weelchair Bound) 36"x48"
      • Child Afghan 42"x48"
      • Twin Bed / Adult Sized Afghan 48"x78"
      • Long Twin Bed Afghan(College Dorms) 48"x84"
      • Double Bed / Large Adult Afghan 60"x78"
      • Queen Bed Afghan 66"x84"
      • King Size bed Afghan 80"x84"
Estimated Yardages for Some Projects
      • Hat = Superfine Yarn - 300 to 375 yards.  Medium Yarn - 150 to 250 yards. Super Bulky Yarn - 75 to 125 yards.
      • Scarf = Superfine Yarn - 350 yards.  Medium Yarn - 200 yards.  Super Bulky Yarn - 125 yards.
      • Adult Sweater = Superfine Yarn - 1,500 to 3,200 yards.  Medium Yarn - 800 to 1,500 yards.  Super Bulky Yarn - 400 to 800 yards.