Monday, June 21, 2010

Almost Country Birds

Do you see the little baby bird?  It fell out of it's nest, and I had the giant place it back in, and it promptly hopped right back out.  It can't fly yet, so it's hiding out in the mulch under my rose bushes.  After the last check, with momma bird supervising, the baby bird is still doing well.

Look at this face.  He seems a little upset that I'm asking him to say cheese!

Here's Cluck Cluck in his little house.  He likes it fine, but would rather be roaming the yard with his little harem.
Here's another shot of the lower part of the coop.  I'm too short to get a good picture of the upper coop.  Next time they are all out in the yard, I'll go in and snap a picture.
Here's a picture of the second hen complex.  We are working on a hen neighborhood.  LOL


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