Thursday, October 14, 2010

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I think Pink, especially every October.  In case you don't know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  This year is the 25th year!  Why haven't we found a cure yet?  Though I do know medical advances have certainly given women (and men - yes men can get breast cancer) a fighting chance, and I'm thankful for that, I just wish people were less ignorant about self-exams, and even mammograms (though if the government has their way this will no longer exist).

You can find out more about National Breast Cancer Awareness month here.

This month, I'm supporting the cause by shopping for my garden, (GARDEN FOR THE CAUSE) and thought I would share some of the fun and fabulous garden items I've discovered.  These websites give a percentage to various breast cancer charitable organizations.  (I'm NOT reimbursed in any way for mentioning these products/websites). 

First is this adorable garden Gnome, which can be found here.  I've always wanted a gnome of my own (groan) and she raises money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. 

Everybody needs a garden stake, and this one helps raise money for various organizations in an effort to find a cure for cancer, assist cancer patients, and reduce cancer deaths through education.
And every gardener needs tools.  I did hear that Target even carries some of the BOND tools.  Click here to find out a little more about NBCF and Garden for the Cause

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