Monday, November 8, 2010

Isabella's New Harness

As you may (or may not) know, Isabella is my five pound Papillion. 

Little dogs should never be walked with collars, as their bones are fragile - one yank on the leash and you could accidentally snap your dog's neck!

So when Isabella was much smaller (one point five pounds) I started looking around for harnesses for her.  Factor in that little dogs stay cold, even in the summer, and I needed to keep her "dressed" as well, so I was looking at clothing options as well.  In the search process I discovered that there really isn't a lot out there for really small dogs, and what is available is outlandishly expensive!

Enter my stubborness, sewing machine and some hardware purchases and Isabella's custom made harnesses were born!  When she's out and about, I have had many people remark that I should sell the harnesses I make ( I even had one local lady who runs a hair salon that I do not frequent, offer to display them)!  So, since I had to make Isabella some new harnesses, I made a few extra this month and will list them on my website, and I will not be ripping people off. :o)  If there winds up being enough interest, I'll make more.

 Here is Isabella modeling her newest harness!

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