Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Project on the Hook

So, I have a project on the hook right now.  It's part of my destash the yarn project list.  It started out to be a baby blanket, but then I decided I wanted to make it into a lapghan (for someone who sits in a wheelchair). I believe I have *just* enough yarn to finish it off.  I had originally bought this boucle yarn to use specifically for myself (isn't that how it always goes), but everytime I started a project, I didn't like it and ripped it out, started a new one, didn't like it and ripped it out.  The only problem with that is boucle is not a very forgiving kind of yarn, so I wasted some yardage.  :o(  

What I really want to do is to get started on some of my other yarn projects that I have the yarn just sitting there waiting on me...calling my name ever so gently.  I have plans to make a grey mohair shawl.  Oh I can hardly wait, I'm so excited. 

I also picked up some gorgeous yarn that is screaming little girl blanket.  I'm trying to decide in my mind what kind of pattern I want to use for it, because I have the multi color, a pink and cream and I really would love for it too be some little lady's beloved "blankie".

But then that doesn't even begin to decribe some of the other projects I want to begin as well.  I picked up some gorgeous fabric to make dog harnesses.  I know my little Isabella needs (not really, she has more than enough) a new one. Not to mention the fabulous new beads I've discovered that are patiently waiting on me to give them some design and wire. 

Oh how I wish there was more hours in the day.  :o)  Until then Happy Hooking Everybody!

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