Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Isabella the Fashion Plate

This is only because I think Isabella is adorable, and I just know you all will think so too.  And no, my little girl does not resemble a rat.  And no, she is not a Chihuahua.  She is a beautiful Papillon, aka the Butterfly Dog.  Wiki Facts on Papillons

Isabella decked out for a sunny day in her cool sunglasses and Lil' Devil Racing Harness.

Isabella has her goggles on.  This is for when she rides in the special trailer attachment on the giant's BMW motorcycle.  Her goggles match the motorcycle!
Isabella in her winter harness, complete with a fur lined collar.

Isabella in her matching pink outfit helping out in the kitchen. 
And finally, just to show we can't always look good, and even the most beautiful can have a bad hair day!

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