Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Rambling Blog

I realized today I'm horrible at blogging.  I have good intentions.  I mean to post something, but then I think "oh I have nothing to say" or "I don't have any pictures to share" or "I don't have enough time". 

Since blogging was one of my New Year's resolutions, I really need to get on top of my game.  So I read up on blogging and how to blog successfully, and well after a ton of articles it all boils down to "be yourself".  So I'll be me and just ramble on about the trival details that interest me.  There are a myraid of topics to cover and perhaps I'm painting myself into a corner by trying to focus on my crafty nature.  Well no more.  From this point forward, be forewarned that there is no telling what direction my wandering mind will take us.   

I also realized that I don't have to take a picture to share a picture.  There are billions of graphics and pictures out here on the internet that I can use to pretty up my posts.  I like this one today:
It just screams adorable and snuggles and love.  And I am giving all of you readers an internet ((HUG)). 

I also had a good/bad thing happen to me recently.  My wonderful droid phone kind of crashed and had to be restored to its' factory settings.  Though it was a PITA, in the process I updated and uploaded some new things or newer versions, and guess what...Blogger is much friendlier now on my droid.  I no longer have the excuse for not having the time to type out some thoughts to share...I can share anywhere that my droid is.  How very exciting.  I think, though I'm not positive, that I can upload pictures from my phone.  This is indeed a miracle if it works.  Look for a "test" of this feature soon. 

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